Oct 5, 2012

Let's face the facts - whether you are a casual or hardcore
player, getting ahead in the World of Wacraft will not be easy -
anyone remember how insanely difficult it was back in the early
days of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King? Even if you
plan to spend a lot of time playing, you'll soon realize that
you will not be getting anywhere fast a proper strategy or the
right team setup.

This is exactly what Mists of Pandaria Secrets is going to address,
and you will find that this no holds barred blueprint written by
Hubert Richardson, an expert authority on all things WoW and raid
leader of one of the best PvE Guild in the world, reveals the
blueprint to total domination for practically every aspect of the
game. Incredibly comprehensive and masterfully written, Mists of
Pandaria tackles every topic imaginable in its quest to get you to
exactly where you want to be in the game.

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  Among the chapters include the basic, yet vital, need-to-know
stuff, such as the raiding fundamentals every raider should know,
complete class guides, detailed and comprehensive walkthroughs for
every instance in the game and so much more.

To wrap up our review of Mists of Pandaria Secrets, it must be
mentioned that this Guide is written to appeal to players of all
skill levels, making it a wonderful change from other guides on the
market that seem to be tailored solely for players who already have
all the basics covered. With this guide, you will be able to learn
a ton of tips and tricks that will help you cultivate the skills
needed to become a top level raider, PvP, gold-making tycoon and
all-round player.

In order to get this out there to the people that needed it most (you), the asking price had to be something affordable.
And to be honest, what you are going to pay is nowhere near what the value actually is.
So here’s what I have decided..
Instead of $ 179, I'm going to give it to you at an insane price of …
$ 17 !!
You read that right, I'm not joking around here.
Good luck and have fun! I can’t wait to see your emails and success stories!

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